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Friday, May 9, 2008

Portishead. Machine Gun

Perdonen ustedes, pero estoy en etapa Portishead.

Me encontré este video. Está increíble. Casi como en Coachella.

saw the savior,
and the savior come my way
I thought I'd see i
In the cold light of day

but now i realize, that I'm only for me
if only i could see, return myself to me,
and recognize the poison in my heart
there is no other place, no one else i face

the remedy will break with how i feel

here am I reflecting
what more can I say
for I am guilty
for the voice that I have made
too scared to sacrifice a choice
chosen for me

if only I could see
return myself to me
and recognize the poison in my heart
there is no other place
no one else I face

the remedy will agree with how i feel

Como no quiero sonar repetitivo, favor de ver el post de abajo para toda referencia a Portishead.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...



odio las malas canciones en el radio...

ya postea algo nuevo rubencito!!!